Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and Family Law

Northern Colorado Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce attorneys provide sensitive counsel in all matters related to divorce and family law. Some of the family law services we offer include legal representation and advice in:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation and Parental Rights
  • Child Support
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Spousal Support or Alimony
  • Maintenance Modifications
  • Adoptions
  • Legal Separations
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Orders of Protection
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

Our divorce attorneys strive for a peaceful resolution of matters related to the dissolution of a marriage, especially in matters related to the welfare of children. Generally, it is preferred to have both parents involved in the lives of children through a joint child custody arrangement.

However, there are times when a peaceful resolution is not possible, such as in questions of property division, or when it is dangerous for one of the parents to be around the children. When a matter needs to be litigated in the courtroom, our divorce attorneys are experienced, and have a record of achieving excellent results.

Our Divorce and Family Law Attorneys